FAQs about Roots


Our Cafe

Where are you based?

Our cafe is located at 18 William Street, EH7 7NH. Come along and grab a table!

Do In have to book a table?

To ensure you get a table at your preferred time, we recommend you book in advance. However, we always keep a few tables open for walk-ins!

Do you accept cash payments in the cafe?

We currently only accept card payments or recognised payment apps. This is to protect both our team and our customers during the covid pandemic and we may change this policy in time to accept cash.

What time is your cafe open?

We open from 8 am to 3 pm Monday to Friday.

We open from 9 am to 2 pm every Saturday and Sunday.



Where do you deliver to?

We deliver across the central Edinburgh area.

Specific areas covered:

  • EH1
  • EH2
  • EH3
  • EH4
  • EH5
  • EH6
  • EH7
  • EH8
  • EH9
  • EH10
  • EH11
  • EH12
  • EH13
  • Limited areas of EH14 and 15.
  • EH16

Deliveries to EH22 also available, however, delivery days may vary.

What are the delivery charges?

Because we deliver everything from our Roots kitchen, we set our delivery fees by distance. Our delivery fees vary as:

  • Within 3 miles of EH3 7NH – £4
  • Within 6 miles of EH3 7NH  – £7
  • Within 9 miles of EH3 7NH – £10

What is the minimum order charge for delivery?

MINIMUM ORDER for delivery is £12 + delivery charge.

Can I order for collection?

Yes. You can order for collection – but please specify this in the order.

Collection days are on Thursdays and Fridays between 10 am and 2 pm.



How much notice do I need to give to order catering?

<15 diners, Chef’s Choice of salad / item
= min 24 hours (not inc Sat / Sun)
<15 diners, Client’s Choice of salad / item
= min 48 hours (not inc Sat / Sun)
15+ diners
= min 72 hours (not inc Sat / Sun)
= min 72 hours (not inc Sat / Sun).

How much notice do I need to give to cancel a catering order?

Full cancellation is possible with at least 7 days’ notice (events for 30+ guests require 14 days’ notice).

We require full payment within 72 hours of arranged delivery/collection time for confirmed order/diner numbers, as food will have already been ordered/staffing arranged.

How can I pay for my catering order?

You can pay by credit or debit card, or via Apple or Google Pay when you place your order.

As all catering orders are prepared in advance, we cannot accept payment at the point of delivery.

Where do you deliver to for catering orders?

We deliver catering to the entire Edinburgh city region, from EH1 to EH13. We also offer delivery to parts of EH14 and EH15.

Collection from Roots is also possible. We are able to supply limited compostable crockery, cutlery and drinks ware for a fee. For non-disposable crockery etc, we recommend www.PlateHireAndClean.co.uk for your needs.

For properties within the catchment area shown, delivery (and collection of
equipment, crockery etc) is included in our prices.

Is there a minimum spend for catering?

Yes. There is a minimum spend of £50 for delivery within Edinburgh, with a small charge to cover transport costs.


Our Food

Are you a purely vegan restaurant?

No. Although we have plenty of vegan options, we also have plenty for vegetarians and omnivores. Check out our menu here to find out more.

Do you offer gluten-free alternatives to all your dishes?

Wherever possible, yes! However, some of our dishes, by their nature, contain gluten. Give us a call at 0131 225 6376, email us at [email protected], or ask in-store for details!

What do you use as meat substitutes in your dishes?

We use a variety of plant-based meat alternatives in our dishes, including lentils, soya. We avoid processed meat alternatives wherever possible.

Don’t worry – we always state any allergens on the product listing.